Urweisse (traditional wheat)

Top-fermented, dark wheat beer - Alcohol content: 5.8% - Original wort: 13.3°


“The union of wheaty freshness and dark malt often produces a fullness of taste and complexity”, explains the world-famous English beer commentator Michael Jackson.
This also applies to the Ayinger Urweisse, which is a strong amber-colored, yeast cloudy wheat beer. The beer is strong with the first taste and malty in aroma. The top-fermented, yeasty taste sensation is unmistakable. This beer is rich in sparkle and has just a touch of a special bitter quality. The fruity, malty mild aroma will have you won you over immediately!

Available in 0.5 Euro bottle and 30 liter keg.


European Beer Star 2019

Gold South German Style Hefeweizen bernsteinfarben

World Beer Awards 2019

Country Winner Wheat Beer/Dunkel

European Beer Star 2018

Bronze South German Style Hefeweizen bernsteinfarben

Meiningers International Craft Beer Award 2018

Silver Medal

European Beer Star 2017

Gold medal South German Style Hefeweizen bernsteinfarben

Consumer's Favourite

World Beer Awards Country Winners 2016

Wheat Beer/Dark Country Winner Germany

Canadian International Beer Award 2016

Wheat/Wit/Rye Gold medal

Best of Germany Gold medal

European Beer Star 2015

Silver medal

European Beer Star 2014

Gold medal

BierPur Deutschland 2013


European Beer Star 2012

Gold medal

European Beer Star 2011

Gold medal